60 seconds to install ringtones on your Blackberry

Posted on 21. Apr, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones

After launching the Desktop Manager and Media Manager click on your connected device. If there are two options choose Device Memory.



You should now see an area on top which is your PC and an area on the bottom half which is your Blackberry. Click on the “Ringtones” folder on the bottom half.


Now open up either the folder on your PC that holds your custom rigtone files. If you are using the ExecTones Business Professional Collection they are in the Rings or the Notifications folder on your PC. Choose all or some of the sounds you would like and drag them to the “Ringtones” drop area as shown in the picture. You can do this for as many ringtones and notifications as you like. 


Once the copying begins a dialog will appear. Select “Convert for optimal Playback”



If all succeed you should now have the ringtones showing in the ringtones drop area.


At this point you are done with the PC and can finish on the Blackberry.  You set the ringtone as you would with any other sound by going to the Notification Profiles screen.

This is often times the speaker icon on the right hand side of the screen. Some Blackberry configurations place this elsewhere.

Select the “Advanced…” or the button to modify the notification profile.


 Choose the Profile you want to modify. If you are unsure use the Normal profile.



This screen will allow you to change the notification sound for any type of event on your phone. If you want to change the sound for an incoming call choose “Phone”.




Highlight the “Ring Tone” option and press the select button.



Use the directional arrows or ball to move the selection all the way to the top so you can select “Browse”.


Select “Device Memory”.



Choose the ringtone that you wish to use.  


Then press the Back button to return to the previous page.  The button generally looks similar to this:

You will be prompted to “Save” or “Discard”. Select “Save”. At this point you are done and your new ringtone should be active.

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