BlackBerry 7 OS Features

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For those anxiously awaiting the new Blackberry 7 OS here is a quick run down of the features being offered: Documents to Go Premium – Documents to Go Premium is already available on most phones but this is an upgraded premium version due to the acquisition of the DataViz technology. Liquid Graphics – A new [...]

Installing ringtones on HTC Evo 3D

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1. Unzip and/or install the ringtones to a location of your choosing on your hard drive. 2. To setup an Exectone MP3 as your ringtone, please use the micro USB cable to connect the phone to a USB port on your computer. Choose Disk drive as the connection type. This will allow you to access [...]

OpenTable Reservations: Must have sales tool

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It was late at night in a big city, meetings just got out, client wanted to go out for a great meal, and wanted us to pick. Our sales guy said absolutely we will find the perfect place. He turns to me and in a panic says, “where are we going to go? Its the [...]

Business Apps for iPhone: Shipping

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ExecTones is going to start a new series which will cover the best business applications for iPhone, Android, and the Blackberry. Our focus will be on applications that make running a business or process easier, cheaper, and more reliable. The first topic will be shipping and logistics applications for the iPhone. We will cover apps [...]

New Antenna iPhone 4 Fix

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This could be a leak or purely a rumor, but mobile carrier Telcel is reporting that Apple will be shipping a new version of the iPhone hardware on September 30th, 2010 that contains a new antenna design. The new design supposedly solves the dropped calls and poor reception issues that many users have reported. The [...]

NEW: Android Ringtone App

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We are proud to announce ExecTones the Android Ringtone App which is the latest product in our award winning lineup. You now have the ability to stream, download, and set your ringtone directly on your Android device. This Android ringtone app is the perfect tool for any business professional wanting to keep a collection of [...]

Verizon iPhone Release Date

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Verizon iPhone Overview This could be the most authentic and true rumor to date about Verizon iPhone launching soon. According to Bloomberg report which cites, “multiple people familiar with the plan”, the phone will be released in January of 2011. If this is true, it’s great news for Verizon and Apple, which is believed to [...]

Carbonite Backup for Blackberry

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The leading online backup service which is very popular on the PC platform, Carbonite, has just released a version for Blackberry smartphones. Carbonite subscribers who download the Carbonite application for BlackBerry smartphones will be able to access the following features: Browse: Carbonite customers can see files on their BlackBerry smartphone arranged exactly as they are [...]

Blackberry Bold 9650 Release Date

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Anxiously awaiting that new Blackberry Bold 9650? Well that wait is coming to an end. Through a variety of sources it appears that the Blackberry 9650 is going to ship on May 16th, 2010. The pricing has not been released but if we go off of the inventory leaks from Sprint then the phone will come [...]

Print from your iPhone at Hilton

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According to USA Today the Hilton Garden Inn’s are beginning a new program that will allow their hotel guests to print wirelessly from the iPhone and Blackberry for free. Their service is being called The PrintSpot and we believe its a great value add. One of the more annoying things about traveling is not being [...]