BlackBerry 7 OS Features

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Torch_9860-9850_FrontFor those anxiously awaiting the new Blackberry 7 OS here is a quick run down of the features being offered:

  1. Documents to Go Premium – Documents to Go Premium is already available on most phones but this is an upgraded premium version due to the acquisition of the DataViz technology.
  2. Liquid Graphics – A new updated version of the graphics system with a clean and sleek user interface. The system is now running on top of OpenGL which accounts for the increased speed and explains the requirement for certain hardware.
  3. Voice-Enabled Universal Search – Nothing exciting here as they are really just playing catch up to other phones. The real question is will it actually work unlike the iOS and Android versions.
  4. NFC – This is the future of mobile payments, wallets, and is the predecessor to killing off credit cards. Watch this technology it’s going to be key moving forward.
  5. BlackBerry Balance – Blackberry Balance is the latest rev of the software that was announced in January. This simplifies the separation of personal and business streams of data on corporate owned devices.
  6. 720p HD video recording
  7. OpenGL Graphics Support – This will provide strong support for gaming and advanced interfaces which has the potential to bring it in line with Android and iOS phones.
  8. Augmented reality – A key feature moving forward. Hold your phone up looking down the street and see specials for all of the new restaurants.
  9. Built-in Compass – Not really a commonly used feature but a requirement to implement Augmented Reality applications.
  10. Updated Browser – The Blackberry browser has always been fairly good. They are just taking it to the next level.


A few other interesting notes:

  1. The BB Messenger application is going to stay with version 6.0.
  2. This OS will not be available for upgrade on legacy hardware. You must purchase one of the new phones. Which means right now you have to get a Blackberry Bold 9900, Blackberry Bold 9930, or Blackberry Torch 9850.

The new OS and phones are still missing good business ringtone support so we recommend the ExecTones package.


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