Blackberry Bold vs Palm Pre

Posted on 10. Sep, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones

The evolution of smartphones takes you to the next level! Blackberry Bold vs Palm Pre: key features and specifications.

Blackberry BoldBlackberry Bold is one of the modest phone designs of Blackberry smartphones. It embodies elegant design without sacrificing the features or functionality you expect from a premium smartphone. This smartphone was released on October 2008. On the other hand Palm Pre has its own unique style that also blends to your lifestyle. Some defined the phone as “the awaited myth” of the Palm designs. It was released to the market on June 2009.

Blackberry Bold’s key features: The BlackBerry Bold is the first BlackBerry smartphone to support tri-band HSDPA high-speed networks around the world, providing superior functionality and performance for business professionals and power users. It also integrates 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi and GPS which can pinpoint the user’s location and supports location-based applications and services. It comes with a beautiful half-VGA (480 x 320 resolution at 217 ppi) color LCD that is fused to the undersurface of the lens, making images and videos appear in stunning definition and clarity. The smartphone also comes with rich multimedia capabilities, including a media player for music, videos and photos and a two-megapixel camera with video recording. Other phone feature benefits includes, e-mail, IM and the Internet, it can connect you. With an integrated organizer, it can help you stay on top of your day. With camera and video recording, you can capture and share the moment with just a few clicks. The BlackBerry Bold smartphone was designed to take advantage of the speeds available on the HSDPA network. Together, this high-speed network and the 624-MHz processor help support your need to multi-task and prioritize with access to your voice and data services at the same time. Its enhanced internet browsing is designed to deliver a highly innovative Internet experience that makes on-the-go Internet browsing so enjoyable you may question if your laptop needs to make every trip. Not only does the screen design and resolution please the eye, faster downloads and full-screen pages enhance the overall Web experience. Navigate sites and zoom in on content using a trackball-controlled pointer, set bookmarks and view your history from just about anywhere you take it. The screen of the BlackBerry Bold smartphone catches the eye and is designed to deliver color and clarity that exceed expectations. From the moment you turn it on, you’ll be blown away by explicit color and quality.

Palm Pre key features: Palm Pre is the first phone to run on the new Web OS, designed to be powerful but easy to use. The Pre features a 3.1″ multi-touch screen and a sliding full QWERTY keyboard. It is a CDMA/EV-DO smart phone with Wi-Fi, GPS, 3-megapixel camera with flash, stereo Bluetooth, microUSB, and 8GB of internal memory.

palm-pre-ringtonePre uses the Palm Synergy feature to bring your Microsoft Outlook, Google, and Facebook calendars together for one logical view of your day. And if you have the same contacts in different places, Pre can link them together, making it easier to find the information you need. You can also keep multiple applications open and move easily between them. Pre thinks of your applications as activity cards, and lets you flip through them, move them around, or throw them away off screen. Things like text messages and calendar appointments appear as notifications at the bottom of the screen. You’ll know what’s going on without being completely interrupted or losing your train of thought. With Palm Synergy, your conversations with the same person are grouped together in one chat-style view. Which means even if it started in IM, for example, you can reply with text. You can also see who’s online right from Contacts, and start a new conversation with just one touch. You can also check Microsoft Exchange email or personal email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!. Take advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots. And look up directions or nearby points of interest using GPS. The phone takes great pictures with the built-in camera and flash. Watch a video on the vibrant color touchscreen. Buy songs from the Amazon MP3 store and listen using the built-in music player. Plus, use the Palm media sync feature to transfer your DRM-free iTunes music, videos, and photos to the phone. It has a slide out the keyboard for faster and easier texting. Close it up and rotate Pre for music, websites, photos, and videos in full widescreen glory.

One of the critical elements to a good phone that both devices fail on is their ringtone collection. Both phones fail to deliver a business professional ringtone offering which is crucial if the device will be used in a business setting. Both phones provide the option for installing mp3 ringtones via desktop syncing software or via drag and drop through your computers file explorer. The leading collection of business ringtones can be found here and easily installed on to either device.

Pick the right phone that suites your style. These two phones have their own edge.

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