ExecTones Announced 2009 Best App of the Year

Posted on 12. Oct, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones


Thank you to the Handango and ExecTones community. According to the Handango voting our Business Professional Ringtones package was voted the best Personalization product for the Android for 2009. This is of course on top of our already best-selling package for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, and more!

“The Handango Champion Awards are designed to recognize exceptional mobile applications developed by outstanding companies like ExecTones,” said Doug Ortega, chief operating officer of Handango.”ExecTones stands out in Handango’s catalog of more than 50,000 applications for its professionalism in ringtones and personalization, features that our elite panel of judges were quick to identify as ingredients of a superior product.”

If you would like to listen to a sampling of our award winning ringtones go here.

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