ExecTones Rated Top 10 Must Have Business Tools

Posted on 22. Apr, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones

Gabriel Lefrancois over at AllBusiness.com recently wrote an article discussing the Top 10 apps that business-professionals must have on their Android phone. Exectones made the list! Here is what Mr.  Lefrancois had to say:

“It’s time to get professional and leave your hipster ringtones at home. Professional Ringtones is a collection of tones designed and authored for the working professional. No more futuristic sounds and voices, animal noises, metal guitar, or raps to offend colleagues. You get 200-plus ringtones and notification sounds for messages, voice mail, and e-mail. ExecTones also offers corporate licensing for those who wish to incorporate ringtones into their businesses.”

Thank you Gabriel. We agree, a business-professional ringtone is a must have for anyone trying to maintain that professional image. For anyone interested you can order the Android package on our site here.

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