Get Rid of Data Theft: Locking External Hard Drive

Posted on 20. Jul, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones

We see something in the news every day about a drive or archive that gets stolen and suddenly 14 million health care and social security numbers are posted to the Internet. Here is a tip for all of your business professionals trying to keep your data secure, look at a locking external hard drive.

locking-external-hard-driveFreecom released a new external USB drive this week that is only activated by an external key. The most commonly used key is a credit card sized keycard which the owner of the drive carries with them to tell the hard drive that it can be accessed. Until the card is swiped you cannot access the external hard drive.

For those in to security they use AES-2 as the security choice for the RFID cards and the security on the external hard drive keeping your files safe and secure even when the drive is stolen. You can’t always prevent someone from taking your USB 2.0 drive but you can stop them by locking the external hard drive so it renders itself useless.

As of the writing of this article the Freecom locking external hard drive was currently back ordered, but more should be on the way so continue to check their website if you are interested.

What you get with your new locking external hard drive:

  • 2 security cards (1 user and 1 master)
  • USB2.0 interface for connecting with any computer
  • High quality aluminum enclosure
  • NO cooling fan for quiet operation
  • Two year manufacturer warranty and unlimited free help desk support

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