You Need iBrickr like You Need a Punch in the Head

Posted on 15. Jul, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones

iphone-3f-vs-nokia-n97-iphoneFor those who are not familiar with an iBrickr, it is an application for iPhone owners with a Windows PC. Historically, Windows OS users used to find it hard to modify their iPhone because of the incompatibility issues with the Windows operating system and restrictions that come with iTunes.

So do you need the software? The short answer is NO, you should not be using iBrickr. This application is old technology that requires you to break your standard iPhone installation. Its extremely risky and we don’t recommend it. Newer versions of the iTunes software and the iPhone OS make this software obsolete.

What business profession has time to do a full system restore on their iPhone? Most do not and therefore its not worth the risk. Especially given that you can now install amazing ringtone packages from third party vendors such as ExecTones.

ExecTones has a complete package for the iPhone that caters to the business professional crowd. We are the only package on the market today that is serving this iPhone community and serving it well. ExecTones is a best seller around the world.

We will admit that we like the name of their software given that the likelihood it will turn your phone in to a brick is high.

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