MusicID Windows Mobile Edition

Posted on 17. Sep, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones

windows-mobile-device-centerHow to identify songs and song titles through sound, humming or whistling? There’s a new way to solve this problem. Like Windows Mobile and other high-tech phones they’ve developed this acoustic fingerprinting system called MusicID, in order to recognize a song by listening to a sample anywhere in the middle.

“Hey what is the title of the Music played just now?” This is the common question we encounter when people hear new music or song on the radio or television. MusicID can actually tell you the title of the sound track when you hum or whistle. Phones like the latest Windows Mobile has a built in tool that records the small part of audios from FM, television or other audio players and stores these data into its huge database and later when the phone hear that part of the sound track again it can then identify that sound.

So if you have the latest phone like Windows Mobile, just launch the app and try it out. You will not be disappointed as the technology is shockingly accurate.

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