NEW: Android Ringtone App

Posted on 03. Aug, 2010 by admin in Professional Ringtones

Android Ringtone AppWe are proud to announce ExecTones the Android Ringtone App which is the latest product in our award winning lineup. You now have the ability to stream, download, and set your ringtone directly on your Android device. This Android ringtone app is the perfect tool for any business professional wanting to keep a collection of clean, classy, and workplace appropriate ringtones on hand.

Most ringtone packages require that you download all of them to your SDCard which fills up the device with an unnecessary amount of unused files. With the ExecTones Android Ringtone App you can stream and play all of the tones and only download the ones you want at that time. This is a win win for the user. Not only do you save important space on your SDCard but you also get access to hundreds of our professional ringtones and notifications.

Search for ExecTones in the Android Market today!

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