OpenTable Reservations: Must have sales tool

Posted on 02. Feb, 2011 by admin in Professional Ringtones

OpenTableIt was late at night in a big city, meetings just got out, client wanted to go out for a great meal, and wanted us to pick. Our sales guy said absolutely we will find the perfect place. He turns to me and in a panic says, “where are we going to go? Its the dinner rush hour.” Not a problem I thought. Despite not knowing a single returatunt in the area I had the perfect reservation within 30 seconds. How did I do it? OpenTable for the iPhone.

If you are involved in sales or business development you undoubtedly spend a good amount of time at restaraunts with clients and coworkers. Unfortunately you don’t always know the hot resturaunts in that city let alone the neighborhood you are in. You also often don’t know what type of food your client will want or when your meetings will be done. All of this points to the need for an extremely flexible way for you to book the best place in town on a moments notice. We recommend the OpenTable mobile application which comes on the following devices: iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm WebOS, Blackberry, Nokia, and the iPad.

This is the perfect application for last minute reservations because it let’s you quickly search for restaurants near-by, within a specific price range, in a specific type of cuisine, and lastly let’s you see customer reviews. Once you have found that gem of a place they let you make reservations with one more tap. Let’s go through the steps of finding and booking that reservation.

The first thing you will need once you start the application is an account. Go ahead and register for an account. Each time you book a reservation through your account you earn reward points. 100 for an normal booking and 1,000 for a special bonus booking. These points can add up quickly and equal free meal for you. Now that you have an account its time to go through the steps.

First select Near Current Location.
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You will see a list of nearby places to eat. Before searching go to the filter button and apply a few filters to narrow your search. The filter function is a crucial step which will make your search process go from many minutes down to seconds. On this screen pick the options that apply including price, cuisine, and whether or not you want to only show 1,000 point bonus locations. The 1,000 point locations are limited and are not at ideal times so I recommend not using that option when entertaining a client.

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Now we can look at the results and pick our location based on the time slots where a reservation is open.

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Lastly, pick your place and go to the reservations screen. Before making that reservation be certain to look at the other diners reviews. Don’t go anywhere unless it is getting high marks. 4+ stars is usually my filter. Once you have a good spot choose the time you want and in a matter of seconds you will get a confirmation saying your reservation has been confirmed.

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The reservation system has never let me down in fact its often impressive to people that you can get that perfect place in under a minute. This is a must have tool for anyone entertaining clients, co-workers, and family while traveling.

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