Palm Pre App Store Release Date

Posted on 01. Oct, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones

palm-pre-ringtoneOn October 2nd, 2009 Palm is releasing an update to the WebOS system for the Palm Pre. Version 1.2 is the final piece that is required for Palm to launch their paid application marketplace.

Initially the paid applications will just launch for US customers, but other countries are too follow soon behind. One of the interesting things about how Palm is implementing the Palm Pre App Store is that you can re-download all of your purchased content automatically to any phone as long as your Palm Pre account is still active. Why is this important? Often times on the Pre you can hit your application memory ceiling forcing you to delete the applications. But if you want that application back you should not have to pay for it. Palm did the right thing and made this free download easy and available in webOS 1.2.

One of the other great features that is coming out in this release is support for application searching. Palm is calling it the Palm Pre Universal Search and it will allow you to do textual searches for applications. For instance you could search for “Email” and have the email application come up, but Palm took it a step further and added support for hidden meta tags. Developers now can type in search terms in to hidden fields that are not visible to the user but are searchable by the Universal Search application. An example is that you could search for “money” and your banking or your Mint application would show up in the search results.

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