Realtone Ringtones: What are they and why do I want one?

Posted on 14. Jul, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones

realtones-professional-ringtoneBefore, mobile phones could only play monophonic ringtones; however through technology advancements other formats such as MP3, WAV, and M4R files can now be played.

Monophonic phones are various music notes that are only played on one channel. This is why it is called monophonic. Monophonic tones are those that can be heard on old mobile phones and are usually viewed as dated and unprofessional. This image often gets extended to the phone’s owner.

From monophonic ringtones, mobile phones advanced until it was able to play polyphonic ringtones. On the other hand, polyphonic ringtones are different music notes that are played on two or more channels making it more melodious and not too dull. It was a big improvement especially in the quality of the ringtone; however, it didn’t sound very professional. Eventually, another type of ringtones has emerged and these are called as the realtone ringtones.

Actually, a realtone ringtone sounds better than polyphonic ringtones because the former are real ringtones that you hear in the office and at home. Unlike the polyphonic ringtones that are more musical sounding, the realtone ringtones sound very professional and the same as what you hear in the office and at home.

A lot of people, especially those in the corporate world, like the realtone ringtones because they sound very professional and not embarrassing when heard in public like a heavy metal song, an orchestra, or the latest rap music.

What about preinstalled ringtones?

True enough, mobile phones contain their own pre-installed ringtones. However, these pre-installed ringtones do not have the same quality like that of realtone ringtones. This is the reason why a lot of people are still looking for realtone ringtones that will suit their personality. Realtone ringtones sound very real and similar to what people normally hear; however, these are not the most professional sound that you will hear.

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41% of professionals surveyed said said that the most annoying thing about their day is their coworkers ringtone. Its of utmost importance to get ringtone that doesn’t hold your career back.

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