Blackberry spyware coming to a phone near you

Posted on 16. Jul, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones

Blackberry SpywareFor all of our fans in the United Arb Emirates we wanted to bring to your attention a new troublesome update coming to your Blackberry.

Users on Etisalat started receiving push messages today asking them to updated their software. Performing this update actually installs a small file on the device that allows for the network to monitor and read all incoming messages and emails, clearly blackberry spyware. The only affect this seems to have on usage is that battery life is drained a bit quicker and performance is slightly slower.

So why do this on the mobile device as opposed to monitoring the messages through the server? Simple. Once the message is on the client device any encryption that has occured will now be undone or free and clear. By grabbing the message post decryption the telco will have the ability to see anything and everything in the message.

By default this new update is set to not monitor the messages, but at anytime the telco could easily turn it on with a simple Push message.

If we hear about any other updates to this blackberry spyware we will post them here, in the mean time if you are in need of a good business-professional ringtone for your blackberry that is spyware free check out our Executive Package.

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