Themes + Symbian = Professional Phone

Posted on 14. Jul, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones


Symbian phones are one of the most widely used mobile phones nowadays. The Symbian operating system usually runs on most Nokia mobile phones and is a popular choice for users in Europe and Asia. Its wide deployment and ease of use has allowed it to grown in popularity quickly.

The Symbian operating system for mobile phones is continuously providing convenience to people aside from its customizable features. Actually, mobile phones running the Symbian operating system can be personalized to a great extent. A user can change Symbian themes to the themes that he or she prefers. A theme is usually the interface or the look and feel of the mobile phone. If you would like to give your phone a more professional look, you can choose a theme with a professional look. It is not hard to install a theme since it can be done in three different ways.

If you want to install a theme for your Symbian phone, you can use the PC Suite which is included in the package when you purchase your phone. You can also use the Bluetooth connectivity to install themes. All you need is to enable the Bluetooth of your computer and pair it with your mobile phone then send the theme to your mobile phone for installation. The last method of installing themes is through the use of an external memory card reader. You can remove the memory card on your mobile phone and insert it to the external memory card reader then copy the theme that you want to your memory card.

Themes make your mobile phone more attractive because it changes the design of your mobile phone. Themes may include ringtones and background wallpapers but usually, not all would fit your taste. Just like installing themes, installing ringtones on the Symbian is not very hard. You can also install your ringtone through the PC Suite while you connect your mobile phone to your computer through a data cable. Aside from the PC Suite, it is also possible to install the ringtones through Bluetooth and through an external memory card.

Actually, there are already Symbian ringtones that are pre-installed in the mobile phone. However, these ringtones do not deliver much quality unlike realtone ringtones. Such realtone ringtones can be purchased at ExecTones. You can choose over a wide variety of ringtones that sound very professional and appeal to the business crowd. These ringtones will definitely meet your personal as well as your professional needs.

Aside from ringtones, it will also be wise to maintain a professional wallpaper. The days of your kids picture from 10 years ago, your new puppy, or that dancing Christmas Tree don’t scream professionalism. The mobile phone is an important tool for a business professional; thus, it should also look as professional as possible.

Changing the background wallpaper is easily accomplished because it can be done in the same fashion as how you install themes or ringtones. First of all, you need to select background wallpaper that looks professional and not embarrassing. Once you have made your choice, you can upload it to your mobile phone through the use of PC Suite, Bluetooth, and external memory card reader. Once uploaded, you can set the image as your background wallpaper through the mobile phone settings.

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