What everyone ought to know about the Palm Pre and iTunes

Posted on 15. Jul, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones

If you are a Palm Pre owner and happily syncing your music with iTunes its all about to come to a halt. With Apples release of the 8.2.1 version of iTunes the Palm Pre sync feature has been blocked.

palm-pre-ringtoneThere are essentially two ways to go about getting around this issue. The first and by far the easiest is to simply not upgrade to the latest version of iTunes. We wish we could pass on the fixes that are rolling out in 8.2.1 so you could see if you could live with out it, but Apple has issued a fairly minimal release notes saying things were fixed.

Another option to get around this new block is to use a third party media library syncing tool. There are a number on the market and thus far Apple has not shut them down.

And lastly this new lockout doesn’t have an impact on ringtones. You can still move your ringtone audio to your devices in a variety of ways. If you need professional ringtones we, of course, believe you should choose ExecTones.

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