Windows Mobile 6 Ringtone Location Identified!

Posted on 15. Jul, 2009 by admin in Professional Ringtones

Windows Mobile 6 Ringtone LocationIf you would like to change or upload new ringtones to your Windows Mobile 6 smart phone, you can do so by locating the Windows Mobile 6 ringtone folder.

New users of Windows Mobile 6 ringtone find it confusing to upload and change the default ringtone. Of course, prior to knowing how to replace the ringtones on your smart phone, it advised to know the folders of your smart phone first. Here are some tips to determine the location of the folder for your ringtones:

  • The first step is to connect the smart phone to your Windows PC. The ActiveSync or the Windows Mobile Device Center will complete the synchronization process.
  • Once completed, select the Explore feature.
  • Navigate the folders and select My Windows Mobile-Based Devices. Select the Application Data and then select Sounds folder.
  • If you will be uploading ringtones, you will place it in the Sounds folder. This is the location where your mp3 or wav ringtones will be placed.

The Windows Mobile 6 operating system allows users to change the default ringtones of different file formats. Supported file formats include wav and mp3 files. Users who would like to change their ringtone in a more professional sounding ringtones can purchase a ringtone pack at ExecTones where there are a variety of ringtones that will suit every professional’s needs.

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