Do I need a professional ringtone?
If you have a job, are looking for a job, or dream of one day having a job or business then you absolutely need a professional ringtone. Your income is statistically your greatest source of wealth so don’t let a ringtone ruin it.

Is this one of those services that charges my cell bill every month?
Absolutely NOT. We are not one of those shady companies that slip in fees. We don’t even ask for your cell phone number.

What constitutes a professional ringtone?
A professional ringtone has to be something that can ring around your coworkers that does not jar them, scare them, hurt their ears, and question your musical taste. This means no spoken voices, barks, mariachi bands, popular songs, favorite rappers, airhorns, crickets, or anything with death machine in the title.

Can I license these packages for all of my employees?
Yes. If you are interested in licensing our content corporate wide to spare your middle age employees from the rap rings of Gen-Y please contact us.

How do I get the ringtones on to my phone?
Our ringtones come in MP3, M4R and WAV formats. You will want to refer to the instructions for your phone to determine how to download and install the file. If you are using an iPhone simply drag and drop the M4R files in to the iTunes Ringtone section.

Will these work on all phones?
As long as your phone supports MP3, WAV, or M4R file formats then it should work. Some smartphones require that you use a ringtone manager which generally will come with the phone.

Will this work on my iPhone?
The iPhone supports M4R files which all of our ringtone packages come with. The only restriction with the iPhone is that it does not support custom notification sounds. This is why our iPhone package is a ringtone only package.

Will this work on Android or the new DROID phone?
Yes, absolutely. We have one awards for our ringtone collections for the Android platform.

Why can’t I get notification sounds on my iPhone?
The current release of the iPhone operating system does not allow for custom notification sounds.

What forms of payment do you take?
Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. You DO NOT need a paypal account although they handle our payment processing for security purposes.